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Team Zulu Series

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The Team Zulu series features morally grey, ex-elite military heroes and the feisty, kickass women who bring them to their knees. These books contain action, suspense, sizzling chemistry, all of the feels, and plenty of heat. Each novel can be read as a standalone, however it is recommend to start at book 1, The Hit, for the best reader experience.

The series is free to read on

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The Hit
Team Zulu Book 1

An enemies to lovers, grumpy / sunshine protector romance

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Winner of the 2021 Romance Writers of Australia Emerald Award 🏆


Being a contract killer for the mafia is easy. Take out the scumbag. Collect the cash. Go back to my uncomplicated life of solitude in the mountains.

What I’m not prepared for is my next target. She’s as innocent as I am sullied, and when most men cower in my presence, she stands up to me with enough sass and courage to stop me in my tracks.

I have a decision to make. Carry out the contract and become as ruthless as the men I work for or defy their orders and live with a target on my back.

Which leaves me with one hell of an inconvenient problem. What do I do with the gorgeous woman tied up in my truck?



My brother once kept me safe from every horror in the world. But now, he’s betrayed dangerous people and left me to deal with the blowback. Except the mafia takes no prisoners, and I’m a loose end that needs eliminating.

The mob’s lethal hitman comes for me in the night, and even though I fight him tooth and nail, I’m no match for the grumpy wall of muscle.

When he takes me to his isolated cabin and lays out his unexpected plans, I’m forced to accept two disturbing truths.

Sometimes, the villain is the only one who can protect you.

And I’m falling for a hitman.

The Payback
Team Zulu Book 2

A reverse grumpy / sunshine, protector romance



Three years ago, the Mafia murdered my first love and shattered my chance of happiness. I won’t stop searching for the gunman until justice is served, even if every step toward the killer is a step into the gaping jaws of Philly’s notorious underworld.

If only the new guy in my building, AKA Mr. Tall, Dark, and Annoyingly Alpha, would leave me and my secrets alone. My body might want him, but my head knows better. I’ve lost too much to risk giving my heart away again, especially to someone as deliciously tempting as Brandon Lewis.

When the Mob catches on to my revenge plans and delivers a deadly ultimatum, my persistent new neighbor discovers we share a common enemy. Brandon might be an incredibly skilled hacker, but why isn’t he scared of taking on the most dangerous men in the city? And how does a computer geek get the body of a warrior, bullet scars and all?

Teaming up with the fierce, overprotective man next door becomes a proposition too appealing to resist. Except the more I get to know Brandon, the more I realize he’s the last person I could let pay for my foolish mistakes. If it happened again, neither of us would survive.

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The Heist
Team Zulu Book 3

A Steamy Protector Romance

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I’ll do anything to escape the controlling monster who’s tormented me for years, even if it means putting my life at the mercy of a criminal. When Kane Daniels breaks into my gilded cage, he doesn’t realize his loot will include more than gold and diamonds—it’ll include me.

Bearded, built, and covered in tats, Kane looks like a sexy Viking warrior wrapped in biker gear, embodying every filthy fantasy I never knew I had. It’s been a long time since I could choose anything for myself, and I’m choosing him. 

But the devil I fled has dangerous men hunting me, and they won’t hesitate to eliminate anyone who stands in their way. I’m tougher than I look and have faced unimaginable suffering many times in my life, but losing Kane could be the first thing to break me.


After getting out of Team Zulu, my life is exactly the way I want it. No commitments. No responsibilities. No killing. And then a brazen blond forces her way into my world, turning it upside down.

Freya Palmer is exactly the kind of trouble I should avoid, but when I learn of the nightmare she’s endured, my protective instincts kick in, and the black ops skills I never wanted to use again suddenly seem mighty useful. Because the man who hurt her badly wants her back, and I’m going to be the one to stop him.

Our arrangement is temporary. She’s living with me until she’s safe, but what if my heart wants something more permanent? How can I ask Freya to stay with me when all she dreams of is being free?

The Rescue
A Team Zulu Christmas Novella


Unlucky in love, Lilly Hart regrets volunteering to cover the New York CIA intelligence desk on Christmas Eve. That is until field operative Dylan Fox—the swoonworthy spy she’s spent far too many hours daydreaming about—dials in requesting her assistance. But before Lilly can explain his life is in imminent danger, their call is cut short, and it’s up to Lilly to dash through Manhattan and find him before it’s too late.

Dylan Fox can’t believe his luck when a gorgeous brunette crashes into him on the sidewalk and drags him into a crowded, dark bar. But when he realizes it’s none other than Lilly Hart, the intelligence analyst with the sweet voice he’s fantasized about for three long years, he thinks all his Christmases have come at once. Although, with an assassin on their heels, it could be a rendezvous to remember for all the wrong reasons.

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